Thinking about becoming a member? Here are some facts:

Membership Advantages:

While you don’t have to be a member of the Club to shoot here, there are some really big advantages to membership that we would like you to know about. First, if you come out often, you will save money. Non-members pay $1.50 more per round, and also pay a $5.00 daily fee. Second, you will be eligible to vote at all Club meetings. Voting members have a strong voice in the affairs of the Club, and what new services the Club adds. Third, you will be eligible for Club trophies during our annual winter Club Shoot, which starts before Christmas and runs through the end of February. Like golf, we use a handicapping system which assures shooters of all abilities an equal chance to win.

Annual Fees:

Adults: $75.00 per year

Students: $35.00 per year (21 yrs & under)

Families: $125.00 per year (For Immediate Family Members, Children 18 yrs & under)